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Source Surveillance Services has been supplying quality assurance services to the Military/Aerospace industries since 1979, and has established itself as the preeminent source inspection company during this period of time.

We at SSS recognize the difficulties in assuring supplier compliance to customer specifications, and how in these days of downsizing and mergers it has become increasingly difficult to maintain the optimum level of employees.  It is especially difficult for Supplier Quality departments to maintain the right number of supplier quality representatives, and if the number of employees is right, the mixture of talents and experience is often not.

Cost is a critical factor.  Whether you maintain a field force of supplier quality representatives, have them travel as-required, or both, the cost may be much higher than the Quality budget allows.

At SSS our business is providing the services of highly skilled and experienced quality professionals to our customers on an as-required or temporary basis to help them maximize their quality levels and productivity while minimizing their costs, administration requirements, and risk.

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