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Our primary service is that of providing contract customer source inspection on an as-required or temporary basis.

Specifically, some of the areas where our representatives are utilized are:

  • Pre-Award Capability Evaluations.

  • First Article Inspections.

  • In-process Inspections.

  • Pre-cap Inspections.

  • Electrical/Functional Test Witness.

  • Destructive/Non-destructive Test Witness.

  • Test Documentation Review.

  • Compliance Audits.

  • Process Troubleshooting

  • Procurement Expediting

  • In addition, SSS goes beyond the customary field quality actions, offering:

  • Specification negotiations.

  • Specification preparation and writing.

  • Procurement Program Management.

  • Quality and Training Manual/Procedure Writing.



SSS has approximately 40 active field representatives strategically located in many states around the U.S., plus Canada, England, Singapore and Japan.  These representatives are undoubtedly among the most qualified and respected Field Quality personnel in the industry, with a track record of tens of thousands of successfully completed assignments.

The locations of these representatives permits rapid response to requests for service throughout the U.S., Europe and the Pacific Rim.

SSS maintains a formal certification program of its representatives in the areas of semiconductor and microcircuit Internal Visual Inspection, Printed Wiring Board, Mechanical, Solderability and Final Inspections.

When SSS recommends a field quality representative, that representative will be certified in the respective area of expertise required, and they must maintain valid certification for continued use of their services.

SSS is the only Quality Services company representing the entire European Space community for their procurement quality inspections and surveillance, here in the U.S., Canada, Pacific Rim, and even in Europe and Scandinavia.  This in itself indicates the level of competency which industry has assigned to SSS representatives.



  • Microcircuits/Hybrids

  • Transistors/Diodes

  • Microwave Components                      

  • Crystals/Filters

  • Electronic Assemblies/Components    

  • PWB’s

  • Cables/Harnesses

  • Connectors

  • Switches/Relays    

  • Power Supplies                             

  • Magnetics

  • Complex Machined Parts

  • Castings/Forgings

  • Gears

and many more …

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